Macmillan: making sure no one faces cancer alone


This brand film is based on the 2016 IPA Effectiveness Awards gold winner, Macmillan and their powerful campaign, ‘Making sure no one faces cancer alone’. We follow the journey as the charity completely reinvent their marketing strategy based on a number of demanding economic and social needs. With 900 people diagnosed with cancer every single day, Macmillan realised the importance of not only increasing the number of those who give support (via fundraising and donations), but also for those who get support.

Campaign summary

For over 100 years, Macmillan has provided care and support for people living with cancer and their loved ones. By 2010, with recession biting, Macmillan was finding it harder to grow at anything like the rate required. By adopting a completely new message which was then utilised across a plethora of marketing channels (with a particular focus on PR and TV) the campaign allowed Macmillan to achieve record fundraising at a new level of efficiency. Purely in fundraising terms, Not Alone helped Macmillan achieve £96.7m additional income at an ROMI of 2.6:1. It also helped more people access Macmillan’s services, informed corporate partnership (in which they more than doubled in value since 2013) and even influenced government policy.This was all achieved by launching a simple, striking and irrefutable idea that ‘no one should face cancer alone’, a thought which encouraged those living with cancer to get support, and others to give support.

Judge’s comment

I loved this case. With a clever insight and use of channels, it created a tremendous social impact as well as an increase in donations.

Dame Dianne Thompson Ex Camelot


Film contributors

Macmillan: Kate Barker, Director of Brand, Macmillan Cancer Support
Agency: Andrew Perkins, Group Head of Planning, VCCP 

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