Brand Film: JUST EAT

Story of the film

This film tells the story of how JUST EAT and Havas Media, used TV as the beating heart of their marketing strategy to build fame and the brand idea. Through cleverly chosen key TV ad spots and aligning with relevant content to stay top of mind for consumers to using social to interact with their audience and tongue in cheek creative, they became number one in their sector. This case study deservedly picked up the Best Ongoing Use of TV at the 2014 Thinkbox TV Planning Awards. You can watch the story on film here.


JUST EAT is a pioneer within a new sector of websites that aggregate local delivery restaurants and give them an online ordering platform.

Having used TV for five years, JUST EAT has revolutionised their business from being a small regional advertiser to become a mainstream TV innovator.

Starting as a cautious direct response multichannel only brand, in 2012 JUST EAT with HAVAS MEDIA made the wise decision to radically increase investment in TV to boost fame and make a land-grab in the online restaurant market.

Under the rallying cry of ‘Don’t Cook, JUST EAT’, they kidnapped a celebrity chef, hijacked the Dave Weekend strand, used ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’ to appeal to female customers and developed the extremely satisfying online ‘Fish Slap’ game.

This resulted in JUST EAT having more site visits than Dominos and catapulted them to become the number one online takeaway food delivery brand.

Appearing on film

Titles are correct at the time of publish date

  • Rik Moore, Head of Creative Strategy, Havas Media
  • Mat Braddy, Board Brand Advisor, JUST EAT 

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