Gtech: how TV helped them go from strength to strength

Story of the film

From a standing start and with modest resources, Gtech sought to challenge the established order of the floor-care market. 15 years on and the company now turns over around £100M annually, has sold over 22 million units, diversified its product range and launched into new categories

TV is the cornerstone of Gtech’s media strategy and a fundamental part of their meteoric rise. At launch, it provided a low risk, highly scalable and cost-effective regional route to market. From there they increased their TV investment year on year - rising from £50,000 in 2012 to £20M in 2016.

UM Birmingham’s forensic media optimisation has enabled Gtech to move into peak time, launch network brand advertising, and increase their consumer base and potential market size. And, all the time, increasing turnover and profitability.   
TV has established Gtech as pioneers and given them a stranglehold of the floor-care market. Moreover, TV has helped fund further investment in advertising and new product development as they launch in new categories including cordless garden appliances and the eBike.

TV advertising provided a fertile testing ground back in 2012 and in 2016 Gtech reaped the rewards.

This campaign won the Best ongoing use of TV at the 2016 Thinkbox TV Planning Awards.

Featuring on film

  • Jon Collings, Marketing Director, Gtech
  • James Wood, Managing Partner, UM Birmingham

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