Effectiveness the Luton way

Story of the film

This film is based on a 2014 IPA Effectiveness Award Silver wining paper. It tells us how easyJet needed to change the way they worked and build a brand to entice new customers.  With a history of focussing on product and price, they wanted to show their emotional side and build the experiences that easyJet wanted to deliver. TV was the perfect vehicle to create generation easyJet.  With such a huge step change in their communications investment, they managed to elevate the brand without losing out on sales performance and extend their reach globally.

Campaign summary 

easyJet wanted to invest in the brand whilst spending less on marketing. By applying efficiency driven operational mindset to marketing, easyJet funded its first ever brand campaign, which extended across owned channels throughout the customer journey. It attracted a new generation of higher spending passengers, repositioning the easyJet brand between the low-cost experience and the flag carriers. Over three years marketing investment fell while brand and sales performance rose, enabling easyJet to achieve a ROMI of 17.

Judge’s comment

The judges were impressed by the scale of task at hand, given the challenges easyJet faced throughout Europe. Through multiple channels and a focus on efficiency, the authors have demonstrated a clear return on investment.

Nicholas Hall, Global Head of Marketing, Gocompare.com

Film contributors 

easyJet Contributors

  • Ian Cairns, Head of Brand & Marketing Services, easyJet 
  • Bryan Jago, Development Director, IML Group
  • Michael Lee, Executive Planning Director, VCCP

IPA Commentators

  • Tony Regan, Co-Founder, Brand Performance
  • Lorna Hawtin, Disruption Director, TBWA/Manchester and Convenor of the 2014 Judges


Title: Effectiveness, the Luton way: how easyJet grew its brand by cutting costs

Client: easyJet

Entrant: VCCP and OMD

Authors: Michael Lee (VCCP) Bryan Jago (OMD)

Credited companies: Creative Agency: VCCP; Media Agency: OMD

Media Used: TV - Advertising, radio, print advertising, online advertising, out of home

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