Cadburys “The Joy of Content”

Story of the film

In this film from Thinkbox and the IPA - part of a series celebrating some of the top case studies from 30 years of the IPA Effectiveness Awards -  tells the story behind Fallon’s brilliant ‘Joy of Content’ campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk. It also picked up a silver award at the 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards. Ads such as ‘Gorilla’, ‘Eyebrows’ and ‘Trucks’ were quick to capture the public’s imagination and moved Cadbury Dairy Milk from being a manufacturer of chocolate to a producer of joy.


This film tells the story of Cadbury’s IPA Effectiveness Award winning campaign, “The Joy of Content”, from how the idea came about and how it was sold into the business to the effect it had on the British public and on the company’s bottom line. By 2007 Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) was running out of steam; facing flat-lining sales, losing relevance to younger generations and with an advertising model that felt tired. The solution was to create Glass and a Half Full Productions, a content-led campaign including ‘Gorilla’, ‘Eyebrows’ and ‘Trucks’. The new direction moved CDM from being a manufacturer of chocolate to a producer of joy. It also created a debate around whether creating ‘joyful’ content rather than ‘persuasive’ advertising featuring chocolate actually works or not. The whole campaign delivered a master brand payback 171% greater than previous campaigns, with ‘Gorilla’ alone delivering an ROI of £4.88 for every £1 spent.

Judge’s comment


This case is a great example of an incredibly powerful and effective campaign in the face of a tricky market that is seasonal and unhealthy. Cadbury successfully cut through media criticism with brave, but fantastic, creative work that captured the public’s imagination.

Steve Sharp, Executive Director of Marketing, Marks & Spencer

Appearing on film:

Titles were correct at the time of publish date.

  • Rachel Barrie, Partner and Director of Strategy at Fallon 
  • Laurence Green, Founding partner, 101 and former Planning Director at Fallon
  • Phil Rumbol, Founding partner, 101 and former Marketing Director, Cadbury 

With additional effectiveness insights from:

  • David Golding, Founding Partner, Adam & Eve and Convenor of Judges 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards
  • Marie Oldham, Chief Strategy Officer, MPG and Deputy Convenor of Judges 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards
  • Denise Turner, MPG Head of Intelligence, MPG and Integration commentator for IPA Datamine project

Cadbury Dairy Milk

This film is based on a silver winning paper from the IPA Effectiveness Awards. Here the details.


Title: The joy of content: how a new communications model is paying back for Cadbury

Awards: 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Silver; The Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness

Client: Cadbury

Credited companies: Creative agency: Fallon London; digital agency: Hyper; media agency: PHD; PR agency: Red

Authors: Rachel Barrie & Tom Goodwin, Fallon; Lucy Evans & Margaret Jobling, Cadbury UK

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