BHF: Under my Skin

Story of the film

BHF wanted to adopt a shock tactic to really get under the skin of smokers and deliver their key message that smoking kills. TV was a major part of the media strategy to gain stealth engagement, and that in combination with a powerful audio track, managed to save 5,000 lives.  


The 'Under my skin' campaign for the British Heart Foundation answered the question: "How can you effectively deliver an anti-smoking message when shocking isn’t shocking anymore?"

Choosing to avoid disgust inducing norms of the category, the BHF aimed to increase smokers’ determination to quit by illustrating physiological damage in a way that made it real, relevant and immediate, regardless of circumstances or age.

‘Under my skin’ strengthened the BHF’s perceived role as the friend of the smoker, helping save over 5,000 lives and paying for itself 600 times over. More than 225,000 smokers asked for help to quit during the campaign.

Film contributors

Titles correct at the time of publish date

  • Rebecca Morgan, Chief Strategy Office, Lowe & Partners Worldwide
  • Ed Morris, Executive Creative Director, Lowe & Partners Worldwide


Awards: 2006 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Silver Award

Campaign Title: BHF: Under my Skin 

Client: British Heart Foundation

Entrant: Lowe

Author: Lowe

Contributing authors: Tim Postle, Gorse Jeffries, Claire Marker and David Bratt

Media used: TV, Print, Outdoor, Interactive, Radio, Press

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