Barclays return to TV

Story of the film

This film tells us about the Take One Small Step campaign. After two years off air, Barclays launched themselves back onto TV with a charming, quirky series of ads which are all about helping people to take action when it comes to their money. The campaign has been a spectacular success. Hear how television has worked for the brand, particularly in the way the on-air has driven response on line. 


‘Take One Small Step’ is a campaign from Barclays that is all about helping people to take action when it comes to their money: taking things one small step at a time. That means they have to talk about specific actions they can take. In essence they are delivering an emotional brand message through a series of tightly defined product messages.

Prior to this, Barclays had been off air for two years, deploying a very rational campaign in press and posters. It was rate led, typical bank advertising. Brand consideration and brand liking had slipped and it was time for a change of direction.

Themes in the film include:

  • The insight that underpinned the advertising.
  • The need to develop a stand-out campaign amongst financial service advertising.
  • Using TV to deliver a permanent, emotional, rational, predisposition for the brand.
  • The importance of getting the tone of voice right.
  • The need for the advertising to be always on: not to see it with an episodic dalliance with TV but a permanent plank in the way the bank talks to its customers and its potential customers.
  • The TV buying strategy and how they managed to maintain consistently large weights on TV and tell the story of the campaign.
  • Money comparison sites and the need to be both competitive but also to deliver reassurance, trust and long-term commitment through brand advertising.
  • How advertisers can capitalize on the current TV landscape, making the most its great value and also by using the rhythm of the TV calendar.
  • The dramatic impact of Barclays return to TV

Appearing on film:

Titles were correct at the time of publish date.

  • Sara Bennison, Marketing Communications Director, UK Retail Banking, Barclays
  • Phil Georgiadis, CEO, Founding Partner, Walker Media
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