Batiste showed their style on TV

  • Batiste needed to raise awareness and generate trust 
  • They used TV for warmth and humour 
  • Sales increased by 17%

The Challenge

Batiste is the original dry shampoo brand and has been around for over 30 years. For most of that time, they were the only dry shampoo on the market and therefore the market leader. However, over the last few years, haircare giants such as L’Oreal and Tresemme launched their own dry shampoo and were gaining market share. Also, smaller more high-end dry shampoo products had hit the shelves, mostly from celebrity hairdressers. Batiste needed to do something in order to maintain their position as brand leader. 

The challenges facing Batiste included the fact that there is generally a low awareness of dry shampoo when compared with other hair-care brands and that women were feeling disengaged with hair-care advertising. 

Their objectives were to raise awareness of Batiste Dry Shampoo, to reinforce their reputation for good performance, to engender trust and to introduce the brand into regular beauty routine behaviour. This was made more challenging by the fact that they had a severely limited budget.   

The Solution

TV is a great medium for generating trust so Batiste felt that, with the right ad, they could engage their target audience via television and get their message across. Most brand leaders advertise on TV and so they felt it was the right place to be. They opted for an approach that used warmth and humour and hoped that this would give them the cut through they needed.

Research showed that 75% of women do not feel as confident on the days when they hadn’t washed their hair, so the ad positioned Batiste as a product that helped give women confidence between washes. 

They bought around 350 TVRs over October and November 2012. They opted for this period as this is the key party time of year when women want to look their best. They ran 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and then 2 weeks on. TV advertising has a strong carry over effect so the middle 2 weeks would still be effective even without any advertising. 

In conjunction with the TV activity, there was advertising on press and online. 


  • 17% sales uplift in week one
  • Batiste maintained their market leader position

The guys at Hero came up with a great ad and delivered to brief and on time. They were extremely cost effective and efficient and the quality of the completed advert was second to none. We are really pleased with the way it turned out – you would never have thought that it was done on a tight budget.

Jo Marshall, Marketing Manager, Batiste Dry Shampoo


Sector: Haircare

Brand: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Campaign objectives: To raise awareness, to build trust and reinforce good performance reputation

Target Audience: Women

Budget: £550,000

Campaign Dates: The campaign ran from 15th October to 25th November 2012

TV Usage: 30 second spots

Creative Agency: HERO

Media Agency:  Maxus


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