A quick guide to what’s on Thinkbox’s website has been designed to help you understand and navigate the world of TV and get the very best out of it. Here’s a quick guide to what you can find here, how the bells and whistles work, plus some handy links.

What’s new on

  • ‘My Thinkbox’ enables you to personalise the site
  • Revamped ‘Nickable Charts’ makes the latest killer stats easily available
  • Consolidated BARB data looks at what we are watching
  • A new section dedicated to creativity on screen

“My Thinkbox” and how it works

  • ‘My Thinkbox’ is a personal briefcase where you can save everything you like in one place. Things you use the most, or that you want to be able to come back to quickly: articles, case studies data, films or downloads.  It’s a bit like a personalised navigation hub.
  • To activate the favourites functionality you need to register on the website (otherwise it wouldn’t know who you are and what to keep for you when you next come back).
  • To save anything to My Thinkbox you just click on the star at the bottom right of any navigation tile on the website. Every content item has one.
  • If you’ve favourited an item the star shines bright gold. If not it’s in outline only. Simples!

Quick links

The website has been organised into 8 major sections of themed content: Home page (where you’ll find featured and new stuff); Why TV?; Getting on TV; How to use TV: Research: Case studies: Creative: News & Opinion.

In addition to this, you can also find out lots of info about Thinkbox at the foot of any page.

Why TV?: an overview of the key evidence behind why TV is the most effective form of advertising

Getting on TV: a detailed guide on how to become a TV advertiser

How to use TV: everything you need to know about the opportunities TV offers advertisers, from spots to sponsorship to content partnerships and new VOD formats

Research: an archive of Thinkbox’s award-winning research studies, including the ‘Payback’ series of effectiveness studies and the ‘Screen Life’ series examining new TV behaviours such as watching on-demand and multi-screening.In here you’ll also find our ever-popular Nickable Charts section and Consolidated BARB data: all the latest figures from BARB about TV viewing, including volume, reach, audience profiles and most-watched ads 

Case Studies: an extensive library of brands who have achieved success with TV advertising: filter by Budget, Campaign Type, Objective, Sector or Target Audience. Plus Brand Stories on Film, where you can hear from advertisers and agencies responsible for some of the UK’s most inspiring and effective campaigns in the form of bite-size documentaries

Creative: a section dedicated to creativity on screen, featuring ad galleries, Thinkboxes winners, our “3 great ads I had nothing to do with” series, and creative legends sharing their wit and wisdom.

News & Opinion: including Thinkbox’s press releases, the Thinkbox blog, articles from big thinkers in the ad industry, plus TV Planning Awards and event information. Also contains What’s on TV: a new section rich with trailers showcasing the latest TV programming from the UK broadcasters

And finally, don’t forget to register with Thinkbox

Registering enables you to download nickable charts and PDFs from the website and activates the handy “My Favourites” functionality. This is also the place to sign up here for our bi-monthly newsletters. These keep you up to date with all the latest news from the world of TV advertising, including details of our up-and coming events. Who could ask for more

Happy browsing!


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