Meet the Thinkbox team

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Lindsey Clay, Chief Executive

Relentless in her quest to get TV the credit it deserves and to leave no invitation declined.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director

Obsessed by pivot tables, vlookups, the power of TV and, of course, Game of Thrones.

Andrew MacGillivray

Andrew MacGillivray, Marketing Director

Sharing TV’s brilliant story with as many people as possible, inspired by the brilliant and entrepreneurial Tooth Fairy.

Simon Tunstill

Simon Tunstill, Communications Director

Has difficulty with 'fun' meet the team copy. Contact for all media enquiries

Jaine Tamplin

Jaine Tamplin, Company Secretary, Head of Operations and EA to CEO

I can’t resist a gardening programme or anything with Kirstie and Phil. Gatekeeper to the CEO, HR, office & company stuff, that’s me.

Cyndy Young

Cyndy Young, Financial Controller

Love all TV programmes about fashion, history and cooking, though my all time favourite show is Downton Abbey. Workwise, I spend my days counting beans and keeping an watchful eye on Thinkbox’s financial interests.

Zoe Herkness

Zoe Harkness, Head of Training

Big fan of (pretty much) all sport, as well as gritty dramas and uplifting entertainment shows. Contact me about any training requirements for you or your team or if you have any questions concerning our online training programme, TV Masters

Rupen edit

Rupen Shah, Head of Client Services

TV evangelist (not religious though!) for advertisers and agencies, regularly found in hysterics (not medically though!) in front of a good satirical panel show.


Anthony Jones, Head of Research

Passionate about delivering insights that demonstrate how and why TV advertising works. Meanwhile at home, I’m engaged in a constant viewing battle between sport and sci-fi (anything with ‘star’ in the title) – thank goodness for the multiple viewing platforms available!

Chris Dunne

Chris Dunne, Head of Marketing

Still recovering from The Handmaid’s Tale and patiently waiting for a spot on Gogglebox to open up. Get in touch for all things marketing.

Hannah McMullen

Hannah McMullen, Head of Marketing

Obsessed with Succession; wannabe Bake Off contestant and contact for all things marketing


Sam Olive, Planning Controller

Part of a crack commando unit sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. Promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government I survive as a soldier of fortune - also a fan of classic TV shows… contact me for all your TV needs


Nailah Uddin, Research Manager

Usually found watching a comedy or indulging in Bake Off. Here to help with research enquiries

Akeel Mungul

Akeel Mungul, Web Manager

Massive Arsenal fan and Thinkbox’s resident geek. Contact me for anything to do with the web or if you just want to geek out about the latest tech.


Alice Taylor, Marketing Manager

Usually found watching something glossy and American. Here to help with all marketing enquiries.


Naz Erten, Marketing Manager

Hoping to become DCI Barnaby’s Sergeant sidekick and solve crime in Midsomer. Ask me about marketing, art and culture or anything related on how to cook delicious Turkish food.

Chris Dicks, Film & Web Executive

Chris Dicks, Film Creator & Editor

TV, film and trance music enthusiast, contact me for anything film and video editing related. Or if you just want to talk about Breaking Bad.


Emma Willis, Marketing Assistant

Can typically be found watching The Real Housewives (preferably New York and Beverley Hills) or any true crime drama. Here for reality TV gossip or to help with Marketing enquiries.

Harry 2019 edit

Harry Parker, Research and Planning Assistant

Full-time emailer and part-time DJ. David Attenborough is my spirit animal. For anything presentation or training related, I’m your man.