238 million views … and other things you should know about TV


You could be watching memes at the moment. Better still, you could be watching TV. Plus there’s fake news to unravel and that hot take on Brexit to digest. So what does this humble booklet hold that should distract you?

Well, this booklet brings what we know about the magic of TV and TV advertising bang up to date. It deals with some of the biggest themes in advertising at the moment and how they touch TV. Things like brand safety, the expanding world of video, what young people are doing, and, of course, advertising effectiveness.

At a time when advertising is going through a period of re-appraisal following the continual revelations about murky goings on, this booklet is designed to give you some crystal clear facts about what is happening and how TV is thriving.

We hope you find this booklet useful. It shows a world of TV that is set for a very bright future at the heart of people’s lives and at the heart of brands’ successes.

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TV works across categories

TV works across categories

TV advertising has a powerful overall effect on sales and profit, but when you look at individual categories like retail, finance and FMCG you find that TV is the best performing media for each.


TV is the heart of the video world

TV is the most popular form of video, accounting for 71% of the average person’s video diet and 95% of the video advertising they see.


TV is brand safest

TV advertising has a responsibility to exercise its power and influence with care and is held to a higher standard through strict regulation – and viewers know it