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Effectiveness in a Changing Media Landscape

Landmark new research by the IPA revealed that TV advertising works best of all, especially when used in combination with online video.

TV Nation 2014

TV Nation 2016

Thinkbox’s on-going 'TV Nation' project, tracks attitudes towards different forms of advertising. Our most recent iteration paired ‘TV Nation’ with ‘Ad Nation’, a survey comparing people working in the advertising industry with the general public. It paints an interesting picture.

Creative drivers excellence

Creative Drivers of Effectiveness

Neuro-Insight analysed their databank of 200 TV ads to uncover which creative factors are most strongly correlated with long-term memory encoding, a proven metric in driving decision making and future behaviour.

TV Response: New Rules, New Roles

TV Response: new rules, new roles

This research reveals the impact of different media channels in driving response, with focus on TV’s role as a response driver in the long, medium and short term.

The truth about youth

The truth about youth 2015

In recent years video consumption has evolved as the number of screens available has expanded. This study looks at the role of different video in young viewers’ lives to understand the key influences behind their habits and motivations.

Screen Life 3

Screen Life: TV advertising everywhere 2014

This research examines how people are watching TV now and what this means to advertisers.

Payback 4

Payback 4 pathways to profit 2014

This research reveals TV advertising as the most effective form of advertising, delivering the most profit for businesses pound for pound.

TV Twitter

#TVTwitter research 2014

Research by Twitter and Thinkbox has revealed how and why the UK is increasingly using Twitter while watching TV.

Screen Life 2

Screen Life: TV in demand 2013

This research revealed how and why viewers choose between watching TV live or on demand (VOD) and why they watch different types of online video. In revealing the attractions of VOD, the study provided valuable insights into why live TV remains so dominant.


POETIC research: TV’s Influence Calculated 2013

Find out the real drivers of word of mouth and the impact of paid-for advertising from this Thinkbox research study.

The long and short of it

The long and the short of it 2012

This research report is now famous for its evidence-based recommendations for businesses on how best to approach investment in advertising.

Screen Life

Screen Life the view from the sofa 2012

Discover the impact that multi-screening has on viewing and how using a second screen while watching TV encourages more TV viewing.

The link between creativity effectiveness

The link between creativity and effectiveness 2010

Bringing together findings from The Gunn Report and the IPA Effectiveness Databank, this research reveals the effectiveness of creativity in advertising.


TV Sponsorship: a brand’s best friend 2008

This research uncovers the inner workings of sponsorship, why it works and how you can measure it impact.