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The New Video World


Everyone’s talking about video. And if they’re not talking about it, they’re probably watching it. Video now lives on our mobile apps, in our online news brands, on entertainment sites and, of course, via TV channels and through Broadcaster VOD services. But there is a huge variety in the quality of the content and importantly, the advertising context. These slides look at how TV fits into the video world, in terms of both viewing and advertising.

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Monthly TV Set Viewing Report: September 2017

Monthly TV Set Viewing Report: September 2017

The latest figures from BARB show that the average adult watched 2 hours, 25 minutes of commercial TV each day in September 2017.

Chart of the month September TV sponsorship

Chart of the month: the effects of TV sponsorship

This chart is good news for those engaged in TV sponsorship – your brand health is likely to be in good shape and stay that way.