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Chart of the month: proportion of advertising-generated profit by medium


Our latest Chart of the Month is courtesy of Ebiquity and Gain Theory. Launched in November the major new study ‘Profit Ability: the business case for advertising’ provides advertisers with the evidence they need to make more informed decisions about media investment. They have quantified how advertising drives growth in both the short and the long-term.

Only by looking at the combined short and long-term effects of advertising can you see the entirety of what each medium provides in profitable return.

In this chart, you can see the average total profit ROI of different media channels alongside volume of spend across the short and long-term. The bubble size represents the per cent of total profit generated by that channel.

Even though TV commands a share of budget which is substantially lower at 54%, it punches above its weight by delivering 71% of all profit return over three years.

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Profit ability: the business case for advertising

Profit Ability: the business case for advertising

Independent effectiveness study from Ebiquity and Gain Theory of over 2,000 campaigns quantifying advertising’s short and long-term business impact


Download the charts for ‘Profit Ability: the business case for advertising’

Get your hands on the killer slides from Ebiquity and Gain Theory’s effectiveness study