Top ads report

week 15, April 08 - 14

Top 50 ads of the week, plus the top 10 ads by major brand category

Impacts: one impact is one person of the target audience seeing an ad.  These impacts are added up to give, in this case, the total number of impacts for an ad campaign.  A total of 10 impacts, for example, could be achieved in a number of ways: by ten people viewing a single commercial; by one person seeing the commercial ten times; by five people seeing the commercial twice and so on.

Impacts on this table are for “all individuals”

Rank Advert Impacts ('000)
1 Citroen c3 aircross compact suv 81,797
2 Aa brand 71,306
3 Volkswagen t cross 68,423
4 Enterprise rent a car rescue servic 64,448
5 Toyota rav 4 64,395
6 Vauxhall grandland x 62,738
7 Hyundai ioniq 58,325
8 Bmw 3 series 48,922
9 Volvo xc60 42,898
10 Land rover evoque 41,258
11 Toyota lexus ux 38,794
12 Nissan qashqai 37,218
13 Vertu bristol street motors 31,265
14 Volkswagen audi 29,911
15 Mercedes benz approved used cars 29,586
16 Toyota corolla 25,788
17 Mercedes c class 24,670
18 Kia sportage 20,651
19 18,457
20 Mitsubishi eclipse cross 14,076
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