Top ads report

week 15, April 08 - 14

Top 50 ads of the week, plus the top 10 ads by major brand category

Impacts: one impact is one person of the target audience seeing an ad.  These impacts are added up to give, in this case, the total number of impacts for an ad campaign.  A total of 10 impacts, for example, could be achieved in a number of ways: by ten people viewing a single commercial; by one person seeing the commercial ten times; by five people seeing the commercial twice and so on.

Impacts on this table are for “all individuals”

Rank Advert Impacts ('000)
1 Vanish gold stain remover 42,742
2 Cushelle toilet tissue 41,506
3 Finish quantum 40,619
4 Lidl flowers 40,318
5 Essity plenty kitchen towel 40,047
6 Sheba cat food 37,678
7 Duracell batteries 33,982
8 Dettol multi wipes 32,732
9 Cillit bang grime & lime 30,291
10 Air wick pure fragrance 29,662
11 Ariel 3 in 1 pods 29,338
12 Whiskas cat food 28,632
13 Pedigree denta stix 28,301
14 3m command adhesive 27,215
15 Vanish gold carpet care 26,030
16 Finish dishwasher cleaner 23,505
17 Fairy liquid 22,227
18 Butchers dog food 22,044
19 Purina one cat food 19,198
20 Febreze fabric freshener 18,759
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