Hit Stories: the making of Taskmaster

Great TV programmes are central to the success of many of the UK’s biggest brands: they ensure the advertising associated with them is widely seen, trusted and effective.

In this series, John Plunkett talks to the people who make the nations’ hit shows and asks how it’s done and what’s coming next. In a world where advertisers are themselves looking to get the attention of big audiences, or perhaps make their own content, there is much to learn from the very best in the business.

In this episode, Plunkett delves into the innovative mind of Alex Horne, creator and co-host of UKTV’s phenomenally successful show, Taskmaster. As the seventh series gets underway, Horne discusses how they continue to produce tasks that not only delight and inspire the audience, but also captivate and challenge their cast of comedians to step up to the plate week after week.

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