Fail better: Develop a test & learn approach to marketing

Join us on the evening of Monday 13th November at IPA’s next Eff Event to premiere our latest IPA/Thinkbox brand film about the 2016 IPA Effectiveness Award winning Guinness 'Made of More' strategy.

The event will share practical insights about how to draw the right lessons from marketing activities - especially underperforming work, including stories of testing and learning from:

  • Plusnet who has kept growing by articulating its Yorkshire values through several, rigorously evaluated phases.
  • Everest and their massively successful strategy based on doing lots of little things, just a little bit better.
  • And Expedia who say Test and learn "is their mantra"

Speakers include:

  • Andrew Cocker, Senior Marketing Director, Expedia
  • James Devon, Planning Director, MBA (Everest)
  • David Edwards, Strategy Partner, AMV BBDO (Guinness)
  • Emma Lodge, Account Director, Maxus (Plusnet)
  • Chaired by Carlos Grande, IPA Effectiveness Editor

Tickets cost £30 + VAT for IPA members and £50 + VAT for non-members. You can get yours here right now.

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