The Age of Television on demand


At this event in November 2018, we launched ‘The Age of Television’: a study by MTM that provided us with the most comprehensive view to date of the changing TV landscape.

Please make sure to check out our ‘Need State Summary’ booklet by using the download button above and find out about the eight different need states that TV and video satisfies. 

We’re in a TV gold rush. TV’s ability to offer premium advertising opportunities and attract mass pay subscriptions means no creative industry on earth is attracting so much interest. Alongside broadcasters who are investing ambitiously in their programme and commercial offerings, there are new players in town with deep pockets and high hopes.  

The happy result for us viewers is that TV has never been better. We have more choice and control than ever before and the quality of the shows on offer is at an all-time high. No one can complain that ‘nothing is on’; instead we have the regular dilemma of deciding how to fill our valuable viewing downtime.

With changes come questions. What does all this mean? How is this gold rush affecting our viewing? What does the future hold for TV? What does it mean for the most powerful form of advertising?

The study explores the fundamental human needs that drive our viewing choices and the ways that different types of TV satisfy these needs. It also examines the changing nature of TV viewing by breaking down how different contexts affect viewing – things like life-stage, screen choice, time of day, place, and social context.  It also reveals the impact of newer forms of online video, building an understanding of the roles they play and where they fit in with our needs.

We also cast our minds forward and chew over the implications of the research findings for TV advertising in the future and what today can tell us about the shape of our future viewing.


Boyd Hilton: If You Build It, They Will Come
Entertainment Director at Heat magazine and Deputy Editor at Pilot TV magazine, Boyd Hilton celebrates TV’s enduring appeal. With almost 20 years of TV reviewing and commentary under his belt, there was nobody better equipped to set the TV scene.

The Age of Television: Where are we now?
By mapping trends in the TV landscape over the past 10 years, MTM provide a comprehensive picture of today’s TV in terms of viewing trends, programme investment, viewer experience and platform / SVOD adoption.

The Age of Television: The needs that drive us
How has the evolving TV and online video landscape impacted on the way we consume TV and video? Based on the findings from 150 days of video viewing captured through camera glasses, alongside a study of 7,000 adults, MTM reveale the most comprehensive view to date of the needs that drive our viewing behaviour, how this differs by context, and how our choice hierarchy has evolved.

The Age of Television: What happens next?
Pulling together historic trend data with the findings from the new study, MTM give their view on what the future holds for TV. How much more change can we expect? What are the content battle grounds for eyeballs and who’s best placed to win? What will these changes mean for advertisers?

Panel Discussion
Discussion to dig into the implications of the event findings with Jon Watts, Managing Partner & co-founder, MTM; Clare Peters, Executive Director, Head of Planning, MG OMD and Neil Mortensen, Director of Audiences, ITV. Chaired by Thinkbox’s Matt Hill.

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