Ad fab: new approaches to TV advertising

Open your diary. Find 22 February. Block out the morning. Here’s why…

TV advertising has never been more agile, more versatile, more flexible. There have never been more ways to tap into its commercial magic and tread untrodden paths. This event will explore the extraordinary variety of ways brands are using today’s TV and celebrate the value of doing things differently, at scale. 

As well as showcasing how technology and fresh thinking are re-energising what TV now has to offer advertisers, we’ll also go under the hood of three innovative campaigns in the company of the clever people who delivered them. Where did these fresh ideas come from? How did they get them off the ground? And what did they learn along the way?

That’s plenty, you’re thinking. Well, no, because we have even more. We’ll also take a broader look at the best ways to encourage new ideas in the company of the celebrated economist, writer and broadcaster Tim Harford. Plus, Saatchi & Saatchi’s brilliant Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Huntington, will explain why he believes orthodoxy is advertising’s Kryptonite.

Online stream agenda

9:30: Welcome
Thinkbox CEO, Lindsey Clay, introduces the morning.

9:35:  How to be creative and resilient in a tidy-minded world
Celebrated economist, writer and broadcaster, Tim Harford, will share some of what he’s learned about the human side of innovation. Where does it come from? What are the best ways to encourage new ideas? What are the barriers and biases preventing us and how can we overcome them?

10:10: Ad innovations round-up 
From live ads and addressability to brilliant contextual advertising and new VOD formats, TV’s versatility is creating a raft of new opportunities for brands. Zoe Harkness, Head of Industry Programmes at Thinkbox, will bring us up to date with a survey of some the latest and best work.

10:35 Ronseal in partnership with Channel 4
Building on last year’s #RonsealAdBreak campaign, viewers were presented with a Bank Holiday dilemma: stay in and watch Channel 4 or get out and #RonsealTheWeekend to tackle the DIY. Andy Moore, Group Partnership Manager at Channel 4, will take the stage to interview Julie Chadwick, Director at BJL, and Caroline Vaughan, Marketing Manager at Ronseal, about the process, why they partnered and what outcomes they witnessed.

11:00: Sit back and watch our latest 3 great ads films while we take a break at the event

11:20: How partnering with The Voice helps brands sing
Claire Heys
, Director, Brand & Content Partnerships at ITV, will explore how different brands have used their association with The Voice to good effect. Featuring Domino’s, giffgaff, Nivea, Phillips and more.

11:45: Movember: Be the Difference with Sky
Helena Jennison, Marketing & Communications Director of Movember, Lucy Markham, Instrumentalist at Bountiful Cow, and Victoria Stephen, Creative Solutions Manager at Sky will talk about delivering a cross-platform integrated campaign with a very simple, powerful aim: to stop men dying too young.

12:10: Orthodoxy is our Kryptonite
Richard Huntington
, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, on advertising’s search for explosive and impossible-looking outcomes and the role of bold strategic leaps in creating demonstrably different futures for brands.

12:40 Wrap up and farewell
Lindsey Clay
with some final thoughts on the morning’s insights

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