VOD regulation

VOD regulation

Broadcaster VOD services are a trusted environment for quality programming and advertising, and part of the credit for this must surely go to the regulatory framework in which they operate. Here you can find out who regulates Broadcaster VOD advertising, where to get advice on the compliance of your VOD creative or functionality, and follow some useful links to organisations that can help with any queries you may have.

Who regulates VOD advertising?

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP Code) rules regulate the content of VOD advertising and the context in which it is placed.  The ASA enforce the CAP Code rules for VOD Advertising; ATVOD have been appointed by Ofcom to regulate and enforce the ATVOD Code for ODPS (on-demand programme services) editorial and sponsorship. Ofcom knows that the British public expects professional ODPS (On-Demand Programme Services) to conform to the high standards of broadcast TV in most respects.

How does it work?

Whilst there is no absolute requirement for pre-clearance for VOD advertising (as there is in broadcast), responsible publishers/ODPS providers require advertisers/agencies to take advantage of the Clearcast VOD Advice Process.  If an ad for broadcast is submitted, it will automatically receive VOD clearance simultaneously; if an ad for VOD placement only is submitted it will receive VOD advice accordingly, it will need to be re-submitted for broadcast approval.  

Getting help

There are issues to be aware of with using VOD advertising, much as there are with broadcast.  These are all addressed under the CAP Code. However, particular attention should be paid to public policy areas such as alcohol, gambling, food and soft drink advertising to children, environment, financial services (notably pay day loans). 

Some useful links: 

VOD broadcaster contacts

Finally, you can contact individual broadcaster teams for advice and help with particular queries.

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