The Territorial Army on air live from Afghanistan

Ground-breaking TV ads aired live from military operations in Afghanistan as part of a campaign to encourage more people to join the Territorial Army, TA LIVE. The MoD said that the campaign was part of a drive to increase the trained strength of the TA to 30,000 by 2018.

The adverts transported the viewer direct to the front line, showing TA soldiers going about their everyday duties as Reservists in Afghanistan alongside their Regular counterparts. They witnessed first-hand how people with very similar lives to theirs are volunteering to serve their country as a fulfilling second career.

Aired on ITV during the weekends of 16th & 17th and 23rd & 24th February 2013, the best live ad was broadcast again at the end of the day on both weekends.

There has never been an advertising campaign like this. TA LIVE is an incredibly exciting opportunity to bring the TA to life and show just what a TA soldier does on the ground.

Major General Ranald Munro, the deputy commander land forces (reserves)

The campaign was created by JWT London with production partner ITN Productions. It was supported by other channels such as YouTube channel, email, and several recruitment events across the UK.

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