First Choice screens live marriage proposal on ITV

In this ad, First Choice, hosted a live marriage proposal on ITV1 during an episode of Coronation Street.  The 60 second ad showed a woman taking her partner on stage and then proposing to him in a nod to the tradition that on 29 February women can propose to men, contrary to the usual custom. The live ad break, fronted by TV presenter Laura Whitmore was introduced by a 10-second "proud to present" bumper from ITV.

The plan ties in with First Choice’s new brand philosophy of ‘Life’s too short to say no’ as well as the couples and honeymooners holidays it offers. The brand also lined up three women to propose to their partners after a nationwide hunt and a series of auditions.

Thomson is hosting more content, including all three proposals, on a ‘Just Say Yes’ page on its website. The content is developed by ITN Productions in collaboration with First Choice’s in-house integrated marketing team.

"This is a really exciting activation for us, and it’s totally different to anything we’ve done before. For us, in today’s environment, it’s about so much more than focusing on sales, it’s about producing engaging content, telling great stories and trying to reach new and core audiences in a different way." Jeremy Ellis, Marketing Director for TUI UK.

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