Behind the scenes of Sainsbury’s ‘The Greatest Gift’

Christmas brings out some great creativity and this Sainsbury’s ad touches the heart. The story follows a Dad who is unable to spend enough time with his family. Struggling to work out what to do he comes up with the cunning plan of cloning himself. This enables him to be in two places at once and home for Christmas!

This insightful making-of tells us how advanced 3D printing techniques help bring out the emotion in the characters. You’ll learn about stop frame animation techniques behind the film, set building and choices behind the musical soundtrack. Talking you through some artistic choices is composer Bret McKenzie and actor James Cordon.

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'Paddington and the Christmas visitor' wins November/December Thinkboxes

Directed by Rattling Stick’s Daniel Kleinman and made with some of the team behind the box office hit Paddington 2, M&S Christmas ad has been voted the best TV creative for November/December by the Thinkbox Academy.