Behind the scenes of Halifax ‘Thunderbirds 1965’

Parker is always hard at work driving Lady Penelope around so it’s about time a bit of good fortune comes his way. He stops at a branch of Halifax to be told he is the lucky winner of £500,000. Off he flies to somewhere hot and exotic, cocktail in hand. A clever way of advertising a competition by Halifax.

This ad has traditional thunderbirds puppet animation brought into 21st century surroundings. We learn the techniques that enable this juxtaposition to happen, including how set design combined with post-production help create the look. You even get to see Parker learning the lines in preparation for the shoot.

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'Paddington and the Christmas visitor' wins November/December Thinkboxes

Directed by Rattling Stick’s Daniel Kleinman and made with some of the team behind the box office hit Paddington 2, M&S Christmas ad has been voted the best TV creative for November/December by the Thinkbox Academy.