Meet the Thinkbox team

Learn more about the people at Thinkbox: who does what and how to get in touch. To contact someone directly, simply click on their profile tile and an email will pop up automatically.

Lindsey Clay

Lindsey Clay, Chief Executive

Relentless in her quest to get TV the credit it deserves and to leave no invitation declined.

Tess Alps

Tess Alps, Chair

Susceptible to crushes on TV doctors. Wise old bird busy policing the internet for nonsense written about TV.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director

Obsessed by pivot tables, vlookups, the power of TV and, of course, Game of Thrones.

Andrew MacGillivray

Andrew MacGillivray, Marketing Director

Sharing TV’s brilliant story with as many people as possible, aided by a diminutive extra-terrestrial.

Jaine Tamplin

Jaine Tamplin, EA to Lindsey Clay & Company Secretary

I can’t resist a gardening programme or anything with Kirstie & Phil. Gatekeeper to the CEO, finance, legal and company stuff, that's me.

Simon Tunstill

Simon Tunstill, Communications Director

Has difficulty with 'fun' meet the team copy. Contact for all media enquiries

Zoe Herkness

Zoe Harkness, Head of Industry Programmes

My job is to spread the TV love via presentations & case studies. I can update you on cricket scores too if you like.

Leila Travis

Leila Travis, Head of Planning

Lover of dogs and puns. Favourite TV shows: Blackadder, Modern Family and Toast of London. Contact me to discuss any of the above and / or TV planning...

Nicole Greenfield Smith

Nicole Greenfield-Smith, Head of Research

Resident food and F1 enthusiast. Also talks about Research.

Oliver Robertson

Oliver Robertson, Head of Research

…loves a good fly on the wall documentary series. Get in touch with any Thinkbox research questions.

Hannah McMullen

Hannah McMullen, Head of Marketing

Addicted to Homeland; wannabe Bake Off contestant and contact for all things marketing

Visha Naul

Visha Naul, Marketing Controller

Huge Game of Thrones enthusiast, gets excited when Jaffa cakes make it to the biscuit tin and still begging Jaine for a champagne fridge. Talk to me about all things marketing.

Xanthe Holloway

Xanthe Holloway, Marketing Manager (on maternity leave)

When not watching America’s Next Top Model, your contact for The Thinkboxes, 3 Great Ads and Thinkbox publications.

Akeel Mungul

Akeel Mungul, Web Manager

Massive Arsenal fan and Thinkbox’s resident geek. Contact me for anything to do with the web or if you just want to geek out about the latest tech.


Sam Olive, Planning Controller

Fan of Ross Kemp Extreme World and Robson Green Extreme Fishing, basically a fan of ex-soap stars doing extreme things… contact me for any TV enquiries.

Kate Allinson

Kate Allinson, Research Executive

My specialist subject on Mastermind would be RuPaul’s Drag Race. Anything to do with Thinkbox research/presentations would be a very close second.

Julia Ager

Julia Ager, Marketing Executive

Lover of Channel 4 First Dates & the voiceover guy from Come Dine with Me. Your contact for The Thinkboxes, 3 Great Ads and Thinkbox publications.


Tom Hewett, Film and Web Executive

A passion for both the creative and technical side of filmmaking. I love any TV series with a troubled protagonist


Leanne Deans, Marketing Assistant/Front of House

I’m obsessed with political dramas - as I may or may not lead a double life. Talk to me about coming along to our events and workshop. I can also help direct you to the right people to talk to at Thinkbox.