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The power of the 30” and 60” spots

30”and 60” spots are at the heart of TV advertising.

The 30” Spot advert is exactly that - an advert which lasts for 30 seconds, booked at a certain spot in the TV ad break schedule.

The 60” Spot advert can communicate more information. It may also offer increased standout during a break because its length will mean there are fewer other adverts competing for attention. 

These spots can be specified so that an ad can appear before, during or after a programme. The type of viewer with the profile most likely to purchase a product can be targeted. Each of the programme companies charge different rates, or prices, for spot time. These rates will be linked to the number of viewers the programme is likely to attract.

Short and sweet

Spots can of course vary in length and 10”, 20” and 40” spots are available.  

There are many examples of brands deploying a series of highly impactful short spots to build awareness and deliver cut through. Many advertisers also use short form to plug into the effects achieved by showing longer ads.

Sometimes, ads can be even shorter and these are called blipverts. Usually, blipverts are two seconds long and most likely there will be five of them in one break to make the equivalent of a one ten second spot. Blipverts are often used to create excitement or intrigue about a new product or variant. They can be used to tease viewers and generate curiosity about what is to come and are usually followed up by a longer ad later on that provides more information or a reveal. 

Epic/long form

Sometimes 60” is just not enough time to tell your brand’s story.

In recent years we’ve seen a growing trend for epic ads of high quality and in long form. From 90” to a few minutes, advertisers are launching campaigns with TV ads that are extended executions or mini-films.

Often these long form ads are premiered to launch a campaign and then supported by shorter ad formats on TV and new media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or a brand’s own website to distribute online.

We’ve seen some wonderful examples of this from Honda’s Cog and Sony Bravia’s Balls to Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas campaign, Christmas is for sharing and The Times Homeland ad break takeover.

Spots in a nutshell

From a few minutes to a few minutes, TV spots come in various shapes and sizes and they each have a role to play from storytelling to generating response.

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