In 2015 we will be hosting ‘Intro to TV: how the TV advertising market works’ and ‘TV+: an introduction to how technology benefits viewers and advertisers’ in the morning at our offices in Victoria. The idea is that you can attend either module or, for the really keen, both. The sessions are packed full of useful stuff and we promise to have you out by lunchtime, even if you choose to sign up for the double.

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Intro to TV: how the TV advertising market works

This two hour interactive training workshop is designed to give new starters to the media industry an overview of what television has to offer advertisers and how the TV advertising market works. It is primarily aimed at trainee media planners and buyers or junior marketing personnel. The course looks at the many and varied strengths of television as a communications vehicle and examines the different roles that TV can play. It also demystifies the sometimes confusing jargon that surrounds TV planning and buying.

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TV+: an introduction to how technology benefits viewers and advertisers

This hour and a half training workshop will update participants on the latest developments in TV technology and what they mean for viewers and advertisers. Subjects include digital TV recorders, HDTV, 4K, mobile devices and the rise of apps. It will also explore how multi-screening has enhanced the TV experience for some and how this has changed viewing behaviour.

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Training Workshops

We’ve been running our popular training courses for a while here at Thinkbox and we think we’ve come up with a way to make them even better, whilst keeping them absolutely free.
On Thursday 12 February at the Soho Hotel, we brought together some of the brightest media brains to answer your questions about the art and science of media planning. The line-up included: Phil Georgiadis, Chairman, Walker Media; Nick Manning, Chief Strategy Officer, Ebiquity; Jenny Biggam, Founder, The7Stars; Andy Sloan, CEO, All Response Media; Jonathan Allan, Sales Director, Channel 4; Neil Burling, Media Director, PHD; Alexandra Lewis, VP & Director of Marketing, Warner Bros; Kim Gilroy, Account Sales Manager, ITV; Sarah Leach, Coca-Cola and Andy Jones, IPG Mediabrands. Catch-up on all the action right here.