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  • The face of response advertising has changed dramatically within the last decade. The picture is now hugely complex and detangling the impact and role of each media on response is a constant challenge. GroupM did exactly that – analysing the response effects of a wide range of media channels over the long and short-medium term. They also looked at the impact of TV advertising on immediate response.
  • Our video lives have become increasingly complex – particularly for young people. They spend a staggering amount of time watching video; nearly three and a half hours per day on average. Combined with the vast array of services available – from broadcast TV to YouTube to subscription services like Netflix, understanding this landscape and how it impacts on young people is hugely important.
  • How are people watching TV now and what does this mean to advertisers? Thinkbox’s third Screen Life study broke out the Eyecams and other innovative research techniques to find out.
  • An independent econometric study commissioned from Ebiquity by Thinkbox that compares, on a like-for-like basis, the sales and profit impact during the last eight years of five different forms of advertising: TV, radio, press, online display and outdoor.

Previous Projects

  • #TVTwitter research commissioned jointly by Thinkbox and Twitter, conducted by Brainjuicer®, looks at how TV viewers are using Twitter to complement their favourite TV content. The research used ethnographic and quantitative research methodologies to understand more about this emerging behaviour and explore how advertisers can make the most of their involvement.
  • The ‘Screen Life: TV in demand’ research commissioned by Thinkbox from Flamingo and Tapestry reveals how audiences choose between watching Television programmes live or on demand (VOD) and between different types of VOD. There’s a huge amount of interesting material in the study which will no doubt be pored over extensively in the next few months. However, in the interim, we thought it may help to give you a quick summary what the research looked at and what it has revealed so far. You can read the key headlines here or download a handy PDF to keep.
  • Thinkbox’s on-going annual research project, 'TV Nation', with Ipsos MORI, tracks attitudes towards different forms of advertising. In 2013 we paired ‘TV Nation’ with ‘Ad Nation’, a survey among people working in the advertising and media industries. A comparison between the two studies showed that there are sharp differences in lifestyle, behaviour and attitude between the general public and the media world, and that perceptions are sometimes wider still. This interesting and revealing report is a real eye-opener for the advertising industry. Here you can catch up with some of the headlines from the study, download a handy reference PDF or access some Nickable Slides. All guaranteed to surprise your industry colleagues.
  • An econometric study conducted by Data2Decisions on behalf of Thinkbox. The analysis investigated which brand activities create new, ‘earned’ word of mouth in addition to the heritage, market and seasonal factors which make up the ongoing ‘base’ level of brand conversation.


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  • How TV is measured (BARB), the biggest cross-media research initiative for years (Touchpoints) and using TGI to understanding consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviours. Here's the top line and some useful links.

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