TV – whether watching, finding, controlling, recording, or sharing it – is always one of the most exciting things in technology and much of the recent excitement has focused on TV and its viewers becoming connected and the benefits for advertisers.

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  • TV today is unrecognisable from the TV we grew up with; hundreds of channels with programmes that attract audiences of all sizes, from massive shows to more tightly segmented audiences; endless ways to distribute it – digital cable, satellite, broadband, mobile - and a plethora of shiny glass screens to watch it on. Enhanced by HD and 3D to create an in-home cinematic experience and with control and mobility so we can watch it whenever – and wherever – we want. And on the horizon, connectivity and addressability will bring new functionality and new options for advertisers. But while technology is expanding, re-shaping and enhancing TV, our core experience isn’t changing.
  • Anything with a screen is a natural home for TV content. When people are relaxing on their sofas there’s nothing to beat a massive HD/3D flatscreen TV set. But they are a bit awkward to take on a bus. So the many different ways people can now watch TV on mobile devices is truly expanding TV’s reach, into new places and new times of the day. But another fertile outcome of the proliferation of screens is that people can now use broadcast TV + mobile (known as 2-screening) to chat about, play along with and control TV, plus of course there is the opportunity to respond instantly to TV ads. Here you’ll find out why both viewers and broadcasters are benefitting from this trend.
  • TV on demand (TVoD) enables viewers to get more of the television they want at a time that suits them. All the major TV companies offer an on-demand service in some form or other and there are also a number of aggregators operating in this area. This section of our website focuses on the technologies currently delivering on-demand TV, what people can get via these services, plus some of the latest facts and figures. We also explore what’s coming next for the world of on-demand.
  • What type of advertising formats are being used and researched for Web TV? What do consumers think of them and how can these incremental ad opportunities benefit advertisers? Zoe Fuller, Planning Manager, Thinkbox explains in this bite-size film.

TV Technology

The rise of IPTV, Peer-to-Peer Networks, VOD, mobile TV, online networks and the flexibility of HD based recording on TV set-top boxes are giving people yet more ways to watch the TV they love, which in turn, presents massive opportunities to advertisers. But keeping up to date with all of this is pretty hard. This regularly refreshed area of our website is here to help you do just that, with the latest industry terms, acronyms and technologies plus some insight as to what it all means for advertising.

Associated Content,

  • TV Together: a very social included two pieces of research. First, we put shared viewing under the microscope to better understand why, how and what we watch together, the impact of technology on the shared experience and how all of this affects the way TV advertising works in our brain. Secondly, we explored the complementary relationship between TV and social media and providing some new insights into how advertisers can harness the ripples from their TV activity in this new space.
  • This research, from Thinkbox and Decipher, was a fascinating look at emerging consumer behaviour as people adapt to a rapidly changing technological landscape of internet connected TVs, smartphones and tablets. It included some very useful insights into the relationship between linear and on-demand viewing, 2 screen behaviour, TV and social media and of course advertising and ecommerce.

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