About the awards

Brilliant planning - that delivers brand and business benefits - lies at the heart of the most successful advertising. These awards are about finding and recognising the most innovative and successful TV activity, whether as part of a multi-media advertising campaign or shining on its own.

Fuelled by new technologies, we are watching more TV than ever before and linear TV advertising has never been better value – prices are from the mid-‘80s in real terms. TV continues to deliver for advertisers and is proven to be the most significant driver of sales and profit across a wide range of products. So why on earth wouldn’t you want to get the most out of TV in order to deliver fantastic business results to your clients? There’s nothing more satisfying than delivering exceptional payback on your clients’ advertising investment.

These awards are not just about broadcast TV spots; we want to see how you are incorporating all of TV’s commercial innovations into your plans: technology-focussed ones like Broadcaster VOD, multi-screening, and TV companion apps and others driven by regulation change such as contextual advertising and product placement. Whether for long-term branding or short-term response, if you’ve got a good TV story to tell we’d like to hear it.

Entrants for these awards tend to come from media agencies but we also welcome entries from creative, integrated, direct, interactive or PR agencies or from brand-owners themselves. TV broadcasters and their sales houses cannot themselves enter the awards, though they are welcome to help any entry-writer. Many successful entries have been entered by a team of agencies working together, but at the very least be generous and credit any other companies who contributed to the success of the campaign.

Award categories

There are a total of five categories you can enter, plus several extra awards in the judges’ gift. TV activity must have been broadcast within the calendar year January to December 2013*, although it can also run either side of that period and indeed this is a requirement for the ‘Best ongoing use’ category.

  1. Best use of TV in an integrated campaign 
    This category is the home for any successful campaign that cannot find a home elsewhere. It requires the use of broadcast TV alongside at least one other medium (e.g. radio) or marketing discipline (e.g. PR, point-of-sale).

    For example, if online sales were the over-riding objective, the entry should explain how this response was generated, captured and optimised at a granular level. Another campaign might be seeking to improve brand perceptions with a major event sponsorship at its heart, where TV was used to publicise this and drive attendance. The integration can even be across different forms of TV: eg sponsorship plus Vod plus product placement.

    The entry should explain the role of each chosen element and how they worked with each other, not just list the number of media used.

  2. Best ongoing use of TV 
    TV keeps delivering value years after campaigns have aired so consistent TV advertising can produce exponential returns. Entrants need to tell us how they have used TV over three or more years for their advertiser, and how the activity has evolved to produce the best results. Entries must feature broadcast TV in every calendar year over the period featured (including the most recent calendar year, Jan – Dec 2013* )

  3. Best newcomer to TV 
    This entry is for new brands or brands which have not used broadcast TV since January 2008 until doing so in 2013.

  4. Best use of TV sponsorship or content 
    Sponsorship, branded content, advertorials, AFP, product placement, promotions, prizes, televised branded events, PR - there is now a wealth of rewarding ways to integrate your brand into the fabric of TV programming. Entrants must tell us why they chose this solution and how it worked for them.

  5. Best use of TV innovation 
    From new TV technology to live ads & events, and from contextual advertising to multi-screening and video on demand, innovative thinking in communications planning and the clever use of technology is liberating TV and adding new dimensions every year. Entrants must explain how they used TV in a new way to good effect.

The Judges may also award additional prizes that cannot be entered for directly, including:

Best low budget use of TV

Any entry which spent less than £500k in total should indicate so on the entry.  This prize can be awarded to either a category winner or a worthy short-listed entry.

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is chosen solely from the winners of the five main entry categories.

(* - please contact Visha Naul if any clarification is required)


Each winning entry will receive a coveted Thinkbox TV Planning Award to grace your mantelpiece and your work will appear in a special awards supplement, distributed with both Campaign on Mediaweek.co.uk

All five category winners will then be eligible for the Grand Prix, the prize for which is a 52" HD internet enabled TV, for their agency.

Key dates

Judging day: Thursday 1 May 2014

Awards ceremony: Thursday 26 June 2014

What to do next?

Take a good look at the critical elements your submission will need to include and the entry deliverables. You can read all this essential stuff here.

Also, we’ve also put together some handy hints on writing a successful paper.  

The ever-necessary small print is available for scrutiny here.

Further queries

If you have any further questions, please give Visha Naul a call on 020 7630 2328 or drop her an email at [email protected].

TVPA 2014

The Thinkbox TV Planning Awards are about celebrating brilliantly effective uses of today’s TV and recognising the people behind them.  They consistently show us that TV has a great future. Winning one shows that you do too.

TV Planning Awards 2013

  • These annual awards, run in association with Campaign and MediaWeek, will be held on Thursday 26th June at London’s Sketch recognise and celebrate brilliant uses of TV and showcase a selection of truly inspiring work. This year is set to be no exception. The shortlist includes impressive work from agencies such as Manning Gottlieb OMD, Havas Media, Carat, PHD and Drum and Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. A stellar line up of judges has been recruited to decide the final cut next month including Elizabeth Fagan of Boots, Pippa Glucklich of Starcom MediaVest, Leo Rayman of Grey London and Richard Morris of Vizeum. You can get the full shortlist right here.
  • PHD, Drum and Grey London’s content-led campaign for the British Heart Foundation not only scooped the Grand Prix, but also picked up ‘Best Ongoing Use of TV’ award. Other winners included Vizeum, Manning Gottlieb OMD, UM London, Starcom MediaVest, Mindshare UK and M2M. Here you can watch some short films about these brilliant and effective campaigns, read the entry summaries, find out who won what, take a peek at some photos from the ceremony and download the book of the night.