Christmas TV Ads 2013

Great TV ads have for years been part of the build-up to Christmas. They set the tone, capture the excitement and can fill us with festive cheer. For advertisers, Christmas is competition and nothing beats TV when it comes to capturing hearts, minds and shopping decisions. TV is a giant shop window that's in everyone's home and most people’s pocket: you want to be in it. So here’s a selection of this year’s finest seasonal ads for you, in which you’ll find all-star casts; a bear and his friend the hare; young romance; and Ant and Dec, to name but a few. Ho ho hope you enjoy them!

CASE STUDY: A high profile TV campaign featuring celebrities Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton helped new online fashion website Very to create impact in the cluttered Christmas market. TV was defined as the lead medium for the campaign, partly because Very needed to reach mass audiences quickly, but also because, from previous Littlewoods campaigns, it was known that TV was the channel that delivered the greatest levels of awareness, as well as providing credibility quickly. Here you can find out more about this eye-catching, integrated launch campaign.