Tellyporting – travelling to TV's near future

Throughout the morning we will be investigating the emerging platforms for distribution of TV content and how they are affecting the nature of TV viewing and advertising. We will also be unveiling Thinkbox’s exclusive new research from Decipher - presented by Nigel Walley - where families will be tellyported into the near future of TV with the latest TV technologies. We’ll hear from top TV experts such as Richard Lindsay-Davies, Director General of the Digital Television Group and Brian Lenz, BSkyB’s Director of Product Design & Innovation, who will debate what this all means for the future of TV advertising.

Below you can see who is talking about what and at what time, so you can plan your online viewing.

00:00 – 04:30

Hello and Welcome

Tess Alps, CEO of Thinkbox will introduce the morning

04:31 – 54:50


Hamish McPharlin, Director of Research from Decipher will unveil the exclusive research commissioned by Thinkbox, where we find out how families’ viewing behaviour is affected when they are ‘tellyported’ into the future with the latest TV technologies.

54:51 – 1:30:40

Reflections on time travel

David Brennan, Thinkbox’s Research & Strategy Director will be sitting down with Nigel Walley, Managing Director of Decipher to reflect upon the findings from the research.

1:30:41 – 1:52:29

Coffee Break for those at the event / half time show for our online viewers.

1:52:30 – 2:06:59

Creative liberation

Uktu Can, Creative Director from Mint Digital will be sharing some thoughts on the creative opportunities emerging from this new TV landscape.

2:07:00 – 2:48:45

Delivering TV’s future

We discuss Decipher’s findings with a group of experts closely involved in new forms of TV. The panel includes Richard Lindsey- Davies, Director General of The Digital Television Group, Tim Forrest, Planning Director from OMD UK, Sarah Rose, Commercial & Business Development Director from Channel 4 and Griff Parry, Director of On-demand from BSkyB, chaired by Tess Alps from Thinkbox.

2:48:46 – 3:12:41



Tellyporting: a look at the new TV platforms

December saw the launch of our new research from Decipher, where families were "tellyported" into the near future of TV with the latest TV technologies.