Demonstration Ads

TV’s ability to communicate emotion and narratives contribute significantly to the medium’s effectiveness, but we shouldn’t forget that TV is also very good at demonstration, and this often has an important role to play for brands. To see something – how it works; how you should use it, or to experience sensory elements of a product – is considerably more eye-catching and engaging than reading about it. Learning about stuff in this way perhaps appeals to our inner ape: it feels natural. In Thinkbox’s TV ad, Harvey obviously knows a thing or two about the impact of demonstration. To celebrate his wise application of this element of TV advertising we thought we’d put together a collection of ads that show advertisers across categories using TV, very well, to demonstrate something.

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  • Thinkbox's second TV ad has been created by The Red Brick Road and directed by award winning director Andy McLeod of Rattling Stick. Starring the multi-talented and extremely smart Harvey, it's designed to show, in an engaging way, the power of TV advertising to affect people's decisions. Whereas Thinkbox's first ad focused on television's ability to create long-term memories, and hence value, for brands; the new one is essentially about TV driving instant success in a competitive market. Here you can also have another look at our ad; peak behind the scenes of the shoot day in our making-of-the-ad film, and also navigate to lots of interesting stuff about TV's effectiveness.