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    Below is a selection of presentations about TV. Each presentation is based around a theme and provides an overview of the subject as well as some key insights from major research projects.

    Each of the below have been designed to be presented within an hour, but we are happy to tailor sessions more specifically to your requirements if you wish.

    If you would like to book a presentation, please contact Catherine Bunting on 
    020 7630 2327
     or [email protected].

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    1. Closer to content

    The Power of TV

    Quite simply, this explains how and why TV is the most effective form of advertising and why it will continue to be so in the future. It offers a comprehensive picture of the power of TV and the wide variety of tasks it is well-equipped for. It gives an overview of all our major research studies and is a great general exploration into the power of TV.

    2. Everything you need to know about TV effectiveness

    The role of TV advertising in a connected TV world

    This is our most recent instalment of Payback research conducted by Ebiquity that compares, on a like-for like basis the sales and profit impact during the last eight years of the main forms of advertising. We’ve combined this with answers to all of the questions we’re most frequently asked about payback. These include the long and short term effects of TV advertising, the differences between category ROI, TV’s effect on other media, ROI beyond the spot and the relationship between creativity and effectiveness.

    3. The now and near future of telly


    This presentation includes an update of all telly related facts and figures, looks at how technology is impacting on human behaviour and changing people’s relationship with TV and makes some predictions about what will happen in the future. It also includes a round-up of the latest and best examples of TV advertising innovation.

Modular Presentations

We want everybody, from agencies to advertisers to use us for help and advice and facts. So, we've put together a collection of fact-packed and thought-provoking presentations that explore the effectiveness of TV and the different ways that advertisers can maximise its many benefits. Each presentation is based around a theme and provides an overview of the subject as well as some key insights from major research projects. If you'd like to find out more, or book a presentation for you and your colleagues, there's a full list of potential subjects here and all the contact details you need.

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