This weekend saw TV continuing to break new ground, as encouraged viewers to make a three minute journey of their own across three commercial TV channels.

Three 60’’ slots on ITV were bought in sequence to allow the concept of a Mexican Thumbs Up (’s version of the Mexican wave) to create a ‘wave’ effect through the channels. The first ad appeared at 9.50pm on ITV1 during The Bourne Supremacy, with the second part at 9.51pm on Channel 4 during The Shawshank Redemption, and the third installment at 9.52pm on Five within CSI:NY.

This bold use of TV marks the launch of’s new brand platform – do more good stuff. Grounded in the idea that helps people make the most of their free time with new, creative and unexpected ideas for every single day, good stuff envelops the very essence of the brand’s values. At the heart of the Karmarama campaign is the idea of doing more good stuff with

Never before have three broadcasters aligned their ad breaks so that a three-part TV ad is viewable by people across three channels: it must have taken some organizing. Many congratulations to Karmarama, Manning Gottlieb OMD and all those in the broadcasters who made it happen.

Simon Thompson, chief Marketing officer of said that the brand has returned to Television for the first time in four years because to the outstanding media value of the medium at the moment.

Thompson had originally briefed Karmarama to get the brand on telly “but with a digital mentality” that would encourage viewer participation and deliver a sense of time-related action.

Awareness of the TV campaign was driven by press ads and an online and email campaign.

Lastminute - Promo

This one off TV stunt will be followed by further TV ads for at least the next six months to keep brand awareness high. The ad will also be used in an online campaign.

Those who missed the ads can visit the goodstuff website and count those thumbs at their leisure.

Finally, you can catch the excitement of those taking part in the making of the ad here. returns to TV advertising with a media first

An innovative campaign launch from which encouraged viewers to make a three minute journey of their own across three commercial TV channels. This heralded the start of their “do more good stuff” brand platform, and involved some finely-tuned ad scheduling from broadcasters and agencies. You can find out more and see how it looked in the ad breaks just here