Thinkbox TV Planning Awards 2011
Grand Prix

Grand Prix Winner

Manning Gottlieb OMD
From seasonal supermarket to integrated content provider



Category Winners

Best use of TV in an integrated campaign

Manning Gottlieb OMD
From seasonal supermarket to integrated content provider


Best use of sponsorship or content
PHD North
AG Barr - Rubicon
Hitting sales targets for six by bridging the ethnic/mainstream divide


Best ongoing use of TV

MPG Media Contacts
Using TV advertising to drive over £400m to good causes


Best use of TV innovation

UM London
Microsoft - Bing
Bing Breaks


Best newcomer to TV

Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Yeo Valley Organic
Live in harmony


Best use of TV for response

Digital and Direct Communications and MediaCom
How fairytale magic improved the fortunes of DRTV


About the awards

Great, innovative planning lies at the heart of the most successful TV advertising campaigns. The Thinkbox TV Planning Awards celebrate the most effective TV planning, from spots and sponsorship to the latest emerging interactive and on-demand TV opportunities, and recognise the brilliant thinking behind them.

Record viewing to commercial TV is delivering prices from the mid-1980s in real terms, contributing to TV's increasing effectiveness. TV continues to deliver for advertisers and has been proved to be the most significant driver of revenues across a wide range of products. So why on earth wouldn't you want to get the most out of TV while delivering fantastic business results to your clients? There's nothing cooler than delivering exceptional payback on your clients' advertising investment.

These awards are about recognising and celebrating brilliant and effective uses of TV, whether within a multi-media advertising campaign or on its own. And not only broadcast TV; we are also interested to see how TV is innovating, with new technologies like web TV, IPTV, interactive TV, mobile TV together with the use of live ads and events as well as recognising TV designed to drive short-term responses.

Entrants for these awards can come from media, integrated, full service, online and creative agencies or related organisations who can demonstrate the skill of TV planning.

These awards are free to enter.

Award categories

There are a total of six categories you can enter. Here are the details for the most recent awards, 2011.

  1. Best Use of TV in an integrated campaign
    This entry features the use of broadcast TV alongside any number of other media, including non-broadcast TV.
  2. Best ongoing use of TV
    TV keeps delivering value years after campaigns have aired so consistent TV advertising can produce exponential returns. Entrants need to tell us how they have used TV over three or more years for their advertiser, and how the activity has evolved to produce the best results. Entries must feature broadcast TV in every calendar year over the period featured (including the most recent calendar year, Jan – Dec 2009* )
  3. Best newcomer to TV
    This entry is for new brands or brands which have not used broadcast TV since January 2004 until doing so in 2009.
  4. Best use of sponsorship or content
    Sponsorship, branded content, advertorials, AFP, promotions, prizes, televised branded events, PR - there is now a wealth of rewarding ways to integrate your brand into the fabric of TV programming. Entrants must tell us how it worked for them.
  5. Best use of TV innovation
    From new technology to live ads & events, innovative thinking in media planning and the clever use of technology is liberating TV and adding new dimensions every year. Entrants must explain how they used TV innovation for a brand to good effect.
  6. Best use of TV for response
    TV builds brands but TV can also be used to very powerful effect for short-term and tactical objectives. Entrants must specify the nature of the desired response and how successful the campaign was in delivering it.

The Judges also award The Grand Prix from the winners of the six entry categories.

(* - please contact Jamie Maskall if any clarification is required. Tel: 020 7630 2329 or drop him an email at [email protected])


Each winning entry receives vouchers from an electrical retailer, enabling the prize to be divided amongst everyone who deserves a share. All six category winners are eligible for the Grand Prix, the prize for which is a 52" HD Ready Plasma Digital TV, for use at their agency.

In addition to these great prizes, and having a Thinkbox TV Planning Award on your mantelpiece, your work appears in a special awards supplement, distributed with Campaign and also at

Key dates

Here are some approximate dates for our next awards in 2012, based on what happened in 2011.

  • Early November 2011: the awards will be announced and we’ll be encouraging you to start preparing your entries. We’ll also post lots of useful stuff on our website to help you craft the perfect entry.
  • Early April 2012: closing date for submissions
  • Mid May 2012: Judging day
  • Mid June 2012: The Awards event

Further queries

If you have any further questions, please give Visha Naul a call on 020 7630 2328 or drop her an email at [email protected].

TV Planning Awards 2011

The Thinkbox TV Planning Awards are about celebrating brilliantly effective uses of TV and recognising the people behind them. Here you can navigate to the winning entries for 2011, find out about the awards categories and check the key dates for 2012. The Thinkbox TV Planning Awards are held in partnership with Campaign and Media Week and are free to enter.