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Monthly TV Report: March 2015

  • People in the UK watched an average of 2 hours, 23 minutes of commercial linear TV a day during March
  • Total linear TV viewing (including BBC) was 3 hours, 39 minutes a day
  • Commercial TV’s share of linear viewing in March 2014 was 65%
  • Total commercial impacts were stable  year on year

The viewing figures

The latest figures from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) show that commercial TV accounted for 65% of total TV viewing on a TV set in March.

The average viewer watched 2 hours, 23 minutes of commercial TV a day on a TV set in March. This remained stable year on year, as did Commercial TV impacts.

Across the key advertiser audiences, men watched 2 hours, 22 minutes a day of commercial TV, no change on last year. 16-34s watched 1 hour, 47 minutes a day, 7 minutes less than last year; and ABC1 adults watched 1 hour, 58 minutes a day, 1 minute less than last year.

In total, linear TV viewing in March (including BBC channels) decreased by 2 minutes compared with last year. The average viewer watched 3 hours, 39 minutes of TV a day. Total TV weakly reach is unchanged at 95%. 

A note on measurement

These figures are based on BARB’s standard industry measurement – on which TV advertising is traded. This only includes in-home viewing on a TV set, live or playback, within 7 days of broadcast. However, an increasing amount of TV viewing is happening outside these 7 days and out of the home.

BARB has started to measure 8-28 day playback on the TV set and including this extra viewing gives a more accurate picture of TV. Also, through ‘Project Dovetail’, BARB is working towards providing reliable data about new ways TV is being watched on other devices. Early results from it are expected soon.

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