Blind data: how to navigate to data you can love

EVENT: At our most recent event on Thursday 14th November, we heard all about Big Data and what it means for TV advertisers. Richard Marks used fine art to put Big Data in perspective; BARB’s Justin Sampson shared some breaking news about measuring TV viewing on tablets; Peter Duffy and Ian Cairns delivering some compelling insights on how easyJet has applied data to optimise media planning and drive sales; Neil Mortensen gave some solid advice on how to scrutinise the numbers, plus we heard from a brilliant panel of Jon Block, Sally Dickerson and Tony Mooney, discussing some of the issues thrown up by the deluge of real time data increasingly available to marketers. Oh, and some talk about big pants and re-targeting from our very own Tess Alps. You can catch up with all the sessions from this event right here.

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  • Here you can watch clips from Thinkbox’s Blind data event on 14 November – an event which was designed to help marketers and planners sort the good data from the dodgy in order to improve TV’s effectiveness. We gathered some of the industry’s best data brains, including: Sally Dickerson, Global Director from BrandScience; Justin Sampson, CEO of BARB; Peter Duffy, Marketing Director from easyJet; Jon Block, Controller of Commercial Digital Products from ITV; Richard Marks, Director from Research the Media and Tony Mooney, Managing Director from Sky IQ.
  • Our society has more data than ever before. Broadcasters, marketers and agencies can use and re-use this wealth of information in lots of secondary ways - solving problems, finding correlations and identifying sales potential. BARB data are often the cornerstone of such analyses as it has been the gold standard source of television figures in the UK for over 30 years. Because of the substantial data that BARB makes available, there is a wealth of insight into how people can watch television and how they do. The Viewing Report is a glimpse under the bonnet of what BARB provides, combining up-to-date analysis of key trends and opinion pieces from guest contributors. You can download the full report here.
  • Big Data is dominating research discussions at the moment. With server data, social media, rich customer databases and Return Path Data, there is an exciting opportunity to take media research to the next level. This IPA report discusses Big Data specifically in the context of audience measurement. How can the industry make the best use of this data? What are the implications for advertisers, agencies, media owners and the industry currencies? How can we make the most of this ‘Big’ opportunity? You can find the answers right here.