Get with the programmes
July 5th, Ham Yard Hotel,
9.30am – 12.30

From sponsorship to contextual advertising, the number of ways in which brands are getting closer to TV shows is expanding all the time.  Join us at ‘Get with the programmes’ where we’ll launch our latest research delving into TV sponsorship, how it works and its ability to supercharge brands. We’ll also explore how to make the most of partnership opportunities with insight from experts across the industry.

This event is now fully booked but you'll be able to watch live on the day via our live stream. Put a reminder in your diary to tune in on the day.

Agenda highlights

  • For the love of brands, Catherine Heaney & Ian Murray , House 51
    We all love TV programmes, but does that love transfer to brands associated with a programme? The first section of our research, with House 51, takes a look at how sponsorships work.  Using an innovative blend of implicit, ethnographic and quantitative techniques, it deconstructs the relationship between viewers, brands and sponsored programmes to discover the benefits of content partnerships to advertisers and how to maximise that relationship with content.
  • The effectiveness of partnerships, YouGov, Leo Weir and Justin Marshall
    It’s undisputed that TV is the most effective medium (just ask the godfathers of marketing effectiveness, Les Binet and Peter Field). But what role do partnerships play and how effective are they? The second part of our research, with YouGov, answers these questions using the Brand Index tool in a totally new and innovative way to benchmark the performance of different types of partnerships.
  • Built by association: the power of TV partnerships
    Listen in as the experts share how to make the most of partnership opportunities, the different options available to brands and how they can supercharge brands. Featuring Sally Quick, UKTV; Rachel Gibbs-McNeil, StoryLab; Bruce McGowan, Zenith.
  • The creative challenge, Charlie Read, The Outfit
    A creative great talks through the best sponsorship creative and gives top tips for getting cut through.

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